Optiwax FluorPowder 2 -8...-20°C, 25g

Temperature: -8°...-20°C
Packaging: 0.025 kg
Unit: pcs
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Viro - 0-3 työpäivää
Suomi, Ruotsi, Latvia, Liettua - 2–4 työpäivää
Lepo Eurooppa - 4-8 työpäivää
Sveitsi, Norja - 5–14 työpäivää
USA, Kanada - 5–14 työpäivää
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30 päivän palautusoikeus
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Optiwax Fluor Powders are specially made for race skiing. These waxes are a combination of awarded technology, know-how and experience. This combination has resulted in fast, durable and wide use-range powder waxes for racers who only want the best.

White Optiwax Fluor powder 2 is a special powder for extremely cold conditions. Fine structured Fluor components create extremely hard surface. This powder works best on old snow. In the new snow conditions mix with Fluor Powder 1.

Waxing tip:

All the Optiwax powders should be waxed with warm iron (160-180°C). After ironing brush the powder up from the ski. This powder dust should be warmed up again in the ski with the iron. After second ironing, cool down the ski and make final brushing.

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